Come visit the World’s Largest Paddle at Columbia Wetlands Adventures!

Certified by GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® title as the 'Largest Hand Paddle / Oar' and based on an actual paddle, this proportionally correct monolith is scaled up 13 times to over 60 feet - perfect for a 78-foot giant! Looking for things to do? Relax at our landscaped picnic site and enjoy the view across the Columbia River Valley, or just stop in for a photo opportunity on your way to the riverfront.

Quick Facts

  • The paddle shaft is made from one Western Red Cedar log.
  • At 5300 pounds, you’d need some serious paddling muscles to hoist this giant paddle.
  • Construction took 200 hours in total. That’s a lot of elbow grease!

In February 2014 the Guinness Book of World Records paperwork was completed to formally recognize the paddle’s world record status. Come see the World’s Largest Paddle with your own eyes!

For more information, please visit the World's Largest Paddle website


Posted on May 17, 2016

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